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Salon Salon
Salon Salon
Salon Salon
Salon Salon
Salon Salon


Massage removes various types of pain, it relaxes the muscle tension, improves the circulation, helps with the cellulite problems, nourishes the skin and slows down the aging process, helps you to fight stress.

  • manual nassage of the whole body
  • partial massage
  • aroma massage
  • lymphatic drainage

Exercise programs

  • limbering up exercises
  • muscle strengthening and muscle formation exercises
  • stretching

Excercises are scheduled twice a week, in smaller groups, in the evening hours. Exercises will achieve the following:

  • bad posture correction
  • spine flexibility
  • easier body motion
  • better coordination
  • reduction of muscle tension
  • better circulation
  • stress elimination
  • slowing down the development of osteoporosis

Anti-cellulite program

When our body contains the liquids and various harmful substances in the subcutaneous tissue, our skin develops the "pockets", which look like the "orange peel". Liquid retention affects our body and face, they look bloated, but this problem is visibly resolved with each treatment.

  • anti-cellulite massage
  • manual lymphatic drainage

Skin revitalization treatments

Ultraviolet light causes formation of free radicals, which can cause the damage of cellular tissue, weaken collagen and elastin fiber, drain the epidermal layer, which then gets thinner and looses tonus, and skin becomes flappy. We offer the combination of massage techniques and cosmetic products, which affect the formation of new epidermal cells, stimulate collagen regeneration, moisturize skin and protect it from the free radicals.

  • body peeling
  • body masks


Sauna is a great way to improve your circulation and thus blood preasure. It also has a significant psychological effect because sauna helps you relax and feel as if your energy is regenerated. As sauna is characterized by heath, its use will help you lose sweat, which is beneficial for the detox diet program. We could say that sauna improves your metabolism, it helps you to maintain your diet plan and it improves your overall shape.

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